Eterno Chrono

Eterno Chrono

A fully polished cementitious mineral floor. Enriched with fine aggregates of medium sized natural stone, cement and pigments. Realized in the color of your requirements.

The Eterno Chrono floor solution combines age-old craftsmanship with innovative technology. A cement-bound mineral floor enriched with medium fragments of natural stone (1-6 mm) in a balanced grain gradation, mineral pigments and additives. Durable, representative and exceptionally maintenance-friendly. The monumental character of Eterno Chrono harmonizes perfectly with your architectural creation. An unique floor will be created thanks to the infinite number of combinations. A controlled application process and traditional professionalism guarantees a flat floor with little dilations. Eterno Chrono floor can be finished in matte gloss up-to high gloss.

The Eterno Chrono topping can be applied on almost every existing cement based floor, however it is recommended to apply an Eterno Forto floor first. This achieves the best end result, giving you a five-year warranty.

The unique composition of the concrete mix results in a unique strong final result. Therefore the layers can be more thin, resulting in a short application time. The Chrono solution is cost efficient and sustainable through less use of raw materials.

To realize an Eterno Chrono floor, Eterno makes use of specialized equipment. In consultation with our clients we strive to make use of electrical power floating machinery where possible. This reduces exhaust gases, CO2 emissions and noise disturbance.

Beautiful Designs
Suitable for renovation

Specifications Eterno Chrono according EN 206

BRL 1801 Manufacturingmethod according to
NEN-ENV 13670:2009 Construction Pass
Standard Raw materials Adjustments can be made at request
NEN-EN 197-1 Cement Pass
NEN-EN 934-2 Additives Pass
NEN-EN 12620 Aggregates Pass
NEN-EN 128-78 Pigments Pass
NEN-EN 12390-7 Density 2.400 kg/m³
Layer thickness 15 – 35 mm
NEN-EN 206 Strength class C35/45
NEN-EN 206 Mean tensile strenght 3,3 N/mm²
NEN-EN 206 Modulus of elassticity 33.500 N/mm²
NEN-EN 206 Thermal volume changes 12*10-6 meter
NEN-EN 2747 Flatness mesurement 4 – 5
NEN-EN 8005 Durability XA3
NTA 2874 Wear resistance Class 1
NTA 7909 Slip resistance Optimum
BRE screed test Drop test Class A
NEN-EN 12390 Fluid penetration Pass
NEN-EN 12878 Color fastness Natural raw materials
NEN-EN 12878 Pigments Anorganic
NEN-EN1305-1 Fire resistance class A1 fl
NEN-EN 6065 Fire diffusion Class 1
Subfloor Concrete subfloor
Crack width < 0,2 mm
Huidhechtsterkte / bondingcapacity of the subfloor 1,4 N /mm²


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