Eterno Minerals of the world builds and sells flooring and supervised the production process. The realization is usually done with the aid of the dosing machine materials and mixing equipment. With the aid of the above-mentioned parties is realized the floor.

The company was founded in an improvement process of applying traditional terrazzo floors.
-Eterno Is the Italian word with the meaning “Always constant, eternal ‘and’ Eternity ‘
-Terrazzo Represents a cement floor with broken aggregates which is characterized by durability, hygiene, honest materials and beauty (in the sense of nice).
-Minerals from around the world in all possible colors and sizes.

Our objective is therefore to improve continuously. Eterno Terrazzo has developed these thoughts ET mixing plant and Afweeg unit. With the help of these two machines, it is possible to realize large daily production. This combination makes us unique in the field of applying large area Terrazzo office and industrial floors. Without such equipment, it was still not possible to make the production, which makes Eterno Minerals of the world within a short period of time.