Tauw is a European engineering company with a strong position in environmental consultancy.
Tauw is working on a nice, clean, safe and sustainable environment.

Studio Groen+Schild wanted to show this in the design of the new entrance to the Handelskade in Deventer. A vertical garden marks the new entrance, the double height of the room provides space, light and allure. The wooden slats wall connects the ground floor visually with the first floor, where several workplaces are. The Hall is the place for Tauw to receive guests and to meet each other, in a colorful and inspiring environment. The choice of furniture and art contribute to the interior.
What was once a laboratory, is now a welcoming entrance.

The Hall of the Tauw building, following criteria of importance: Modern. Versatile. Sustainable. Exceptional maintenance friendly. That all in a pure natural concept. Decorative, functional and also increased the sustainability of the building itself. Eterno Unico is a terrazzo, where the skin of the floor is polished, which remains a toughness in a natural look. The cementitious matrix is the ingredient in the Eterno Unico floor which acts as a binder to hold the aggregates in position.
Is poured,cured,ground and polished.

267 M2

Project size in square meters