Care & Maintenance

Floor maintenance of Eterno Products

Cleaning and building maintenance system for Eterno products, with the advantage:

  • Care for the floor
  • Better hygiene
  • to keep safer and cleaner for longer
  • Requires significantly less maintenance
  • reduction of maintenance costs

During installation, the floor is protected against the ingress of dirt to prevent stains. You can choose from Eterno Pulire or Scotchgard Floor Protector.
Eterno Pulire gives a more natural gloss level, from matt,   silk to high gloss depending on the desired slip resistance.
Scotchgard Floor Protector provides the floor from silk to high gloss, with excellent slip resistance.
Both products provide optimal protection to your floor.

Daily maintenance

  • dry maintenance by wiping with a microfibre dusting cloth
    spot removal of stains by traditional single or double mopping.
  • spot removal of stains by traditional single or double mopping.

Weekly maintenance

  • depending on usage
  • scrubbing/vacuuming with a scrubber drier (in combination with a polishing pad)

polish with a single-disc machine and a white pad if necessary

Periodic and/or specific maintenance

  • floor inspection, [once a year]
  • if needed followed by local repair of damage
  • deep cleaning with hot water under high pressure using jets and suction
  • treatment according to Eterno Pulire or Scotchgard Floor Protector, once a year
  • no removal necessary, apply a maximum of two layers
  • speed of application; about 100m2 per hour
  • light scratches can be easily polished away

With Eterno Pulire and Scotchgard Floor Protector you can save costs by reducing the periodic maintenance required with a traditional finish. Scrub. polishing. Remove layers and apply new layers.

Reducing the cost of labor and chemicals means not only ease of maintenance, but also significant annual cost savings.

With just two coats you have a clean, safe and matte or glossy floor that suffers less from wear and tear, black marks, stains and scratches. (3M)